"Nicole Mourelatos, known to her fans as Doris Cellar, is launching a new solo career but is hardly a newcomer to the music industry. At 16, Doris began writing and recording in her hometown of Astoria Queens, New York City. In the following years, Doris gained popularity in the New York City music scene by writing, recording, and performing in and around the City. In 2008, her connections led her to the American indie rock band Freelance Whales.

As the sole female band member, Doris was a standout and quickly became known for her enchanting vocals which are featured on the track "Spitting Image". In early 2013, Doris and the remaining members of Freelance Whales parted ways. She isn't slowing down though. Doris is wrapping up her first solo single set for release October 2013. Upcoming projects also include a full-length album and collaborative works with other artists. In the meantime, you can catch Doris rocking out on keyboards with pop group Ninasky!

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